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  1. Delaware River
    Going out south of the CCB for our first trip on Saturday.
  2. New Jersey
    HEY, So.. what are your opinions- should I fish the Delaware Bay near cape may- or fish the surf near avalon. I appreciate your input. Thanks all. Craig
  3. Blogs
    New blog article: Saturday With Zeno - Dolphins Speak Whale
  4. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    i know it hasn't been happening.... anyone get em today on the sabiki??
  5. Massachusetts
    Ave Maria Charters are trying to put together a shared trip for Saturday the 18th of June. There are still 2 to 3 opens we need to fill. Anybody is interested in? The weather should be great;and the best time for the season also. This is one of the best local charter services in Boston/Quincy...
  6. Hudson River
    Just thought I would throw this out there. It's at West Marine in Latham at 5 pm, for anyone who's interested.
  7. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    We went out Saturday morning and while the fishing was slow we were rewarded by two Citation Stripers. My son Jake caught a 35 pounder and our friend Rodney caught a 41 pounder. The seas were rough and the winds were honking but it was a great day.
  8. Massachusetts
    Just looking to see if someone with knowledge of boston harbor would like to head out on my boat. 2002 22' Seaswirl WA. We will split gas money for the day. I have about 10 rods on the boat with plenty of gear as well!!! My boat is in Hingham Shipyard Marina. I plan to head out around 6am...
  9. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Made it to the dam at 5 AM. Started out tossin Zoom Flukes behind a Launcher with no takers , so we rig for live Shad and Mooneyes and keep on hitting them til about 9 AM when the fog lifted. Then the smaller ones took over close to the shore. All in all , a decent day
  10. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Biting on live shad & mooneyes on Saturday. Plenty of small White Bass to go around also. The water has risen and should be about time for the Gars:eek:. Here's me and a couple of friends. First 3 from sat,last on Fri
  11. New Hampshire
    Tried to get to the mudflat on Sat. for some cod fishing, but the outboard didn't agree with that. We did slay the mackerel just south of the IOS. That kept us busy while waiting for the Boat Tow US to find us. Nice day lots of fun, but it cost us a few more bucks than we planned on.
  12. Hudson River
    We are trying to gather a group of fishermen with boats who are willing to take a Veteran or Soldier striped bass fishing. You would have to donate your time, boat, tackle and bait as these Soldiers or Vets probably would not have equipment. We would need to know the size of your boat, make and...
  13. Hudson River
    16th Annual Striped Bass Tournament & BBQ Get you entrant form in now! Don't wait until the last minute. Call, e-mail or fax your information. 845-339-3060 [email protected] 845-339-6183 fax
  14. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    FISHING FISHING FISHING!! no fish... only got one 3 inch white pearch. o well, can only get better !! Tight lines everybody.
  15. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Taking a day trip to Belmar NJ to do some surf fishing. Can anyone tell me a good location along the beach there? Have never been fishing for strippers before but from what i understand there is alot of action going on there.I have read alot of the fourms on this site and it is amazing how much...
  16. The Striper Forum
    Emergency Weather Postponement. Fishing will Start Saturday Nov, 14th at 4 am and continue to Sunday Nov. 15th at 1 pm. I've been watching every weather report and Friday does seem like impossible fishing. In the interest of safety and sanity something has to be done. The weather looks...
  17. Striper Guides & Charters
    Another banner day on the ANGLER II. Capt. Rich took out The Kinghts of Columbus of Bayside this morning for a full day charter and crushed the bluefish and they also landed a few stripers. The 5pm-9pm trip had all blues and a lot of them. Capt. Ken had the Xpress out and had a mixed bag of...
  18. Striper Guides & Charters
    On Memorial Day Weekend every year repeat customer and long time friend Bernie Thomas books the boat for Saturday and Sunday bringing with him a great group of guys. These include John and Anthony who travel up from Long Island, Al Fichera from Taunton and Jeff Reis from New Hampshire. On...
  19. Striper Guides & Charters
    I rearranged several trips to help a regular customer that needed to go only on Saturday because a relative was coming in from a military college. Now the guy calls and says that his wife has made other plans and cannot make it. I have an open boat for striped bass on Saturday half day for a...
  20. Striper Guides & Charters
    Saturday May 9, you have good days and the slow days and today between the rain drops (Saturday) Gary Poole from NH his son and daughter in-law from Atlanta GA made use of their down time while here in Bristol for his daughter's wedding catching striped bass. Small bass are schooled up between...
1-20 of 51 Results