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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hey guys. Lost my supplier in the Hudson valley for flat worms. Not sure where I want to buy em just yet. But looking for the lowest price and best bang for your buck flats! Online would be great or spots in dutchess country ny. Pm me if ya would like thanks!
  2. Hudson River
    Which do you guys prefer? Why?
  3. Surfcasting Central
    I've been reading a lot about how people are reeling in these hog size fish on sand worms. I was also informed by my uncle who has recently spent a weekend in Old Orchard Beach, ME that you can find these little guys right beneath your feet. Whats the preferred way to rig the worms from the...
  4. Hudson River
    Hey guys hoping you can help me out. I'm looking for new techniques for catching stripers on the hudson. This will be my 3 season fishing and have only used live bait for stripers. Since I have cabin fever I would like to start buying some lures for the spring. I've pick up a few crippled...
  5. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    As a bait for Stripers I have heard on the beach that both Sandworms and Clams can be an excellent bait. What would you guys reccomend between these two? I realize that eels are the best to use but between these two baits what is the better of the two? How would you reccomend rigging these...
  6. Hudson River
    Have been hearing some good things about Sandworms used for bait in the Hudson this year. I kinda thought that Bloodworms had a more attractive scent/flavor to Stripers, and that's why they are the seaworm of choice during the Spring Run, especially amongst shore fishermen. Now I'm hearing...
  7. Hudson River
    Anyone have any experience/comments regarding using Sandworms as opposed to Bloodworms as Striper bait in the Hudson? Thanks.
  8. The Striper Forum
    can anyone tell me the proper way to store sandworms and there shelf life? Thanks to all.
  9. New Jersey
    I searched for a thread about this but couldn't find any. I've been doing some reading about the Raritan Bay area, and this author seems very big on sandworms for the early spring. I've heard of using bloodworms but has anybody had any luck with sandworms?
1-9 of 10 Results