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  1. Hudson River
    No one has ever done this before. I am the winner.
  2. Hudson River
    I made a sabiki rod from pvc today. Total cost about 10$ for pvc and a couple sabiki rigs. Tie-rapped an old reel onto it. My plan is to use it while drifting for stripers. I'm thinking to let it dangle or jig it while drifting. I drift out in the channel or close to the dropoffs leading into...
  3. Hudson River
    What are these? Tom at RB has mentioned then a few years running on his blog. Is it just a particular color, size, beads?
  4. Hudson River
    Because I didn't listen to you all right away and had to learn the hard way, I thought I would pass this on the the noobs. (I'm on season 4 and finally getting stripers regularly so I feel for you!) When the pros said to use the smallest sabikis possible you all weren't kidding. I go no bait...
  5. Hudson River
    Was thinking to increase catch rate on sabiki a you could hang a flasher off the side of the boat or tie a small one to the end of the sabiki. Anyone try this? Other techniques?
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I used these 2 years ago and they out performed any other sabiki I ever used. I searched all last year for them and now Cabelas has a value pack... 5 for $8.49...
  7. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    What size hook are on the sabiki rig that ya use for herring? I see theres many sizes available.
  8. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    A 247 site search didn't yield so..... Does anyone have a suggestion for storing sabiki rigs once they've been used? I've never successfully wrapped them back into the original package. There must be a way to keep them from tangling into a mess. Keeping the hooks out of my flesh would be nice...
  9. Hudson River
    I was wondering if anyone uses sabiki rigs in the Catskill Creek and if so how effective were they?
  10. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Has anyone had any success catching shad on sabiki rigs? I marked plenty of bait this weekend and tried a sabiki without the slightest nibble. Hook sizes were 12s. I've heard some say that small bare gold hooks are better and can be tipped with a piece of worm. After an hour of throwing a...
  11. Freshwater Tackle Box
    I seem to recall fishermen on reservoirs down South using Sabiki rigs in a manner other than vertical jigging. I believe they were casting and retrieving the rig, more of a horizontal approach. Anyone have any comment on this? We Shorebound folks don't have that many places to vertically jig...
  12. Freshwater Tackle Box
    This may sound like a stupid question to some, but in the spring I want to concentrate on catching my own bait with different methods. I hear a lot about sabiki rigs but I am not sure how exactly they are fished and what types of bait they actually work for. Could someone help?
  13. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    check out this site, Colemans Fishing Supply, They got a 10 pack of Sabibkis for $13.00, as well as Cod jigs and of course all the squid jigs you could ever want.
1-13 of 13 Results