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  1. Albemarle Sound
    any bites around the OI or the surf?
  2. Surfcasting Central
    Every year I head down a few weekends with my in-laws to ocean city for the summer. I usually wake up early and head to the surf by myself and fish a little. THis year my father and brother-in-law want to join me to learn. Now I am not the familiar with Ocean City and normally headed to the...
  3. Chesapeake Bay
    Got some tight lines and had some fun at the CBBTs. No rude boaters cutting us off or crossing our lines. Only 2 boats on the water. Headed in with our limit at 930.cadicted.gif
  4. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Any stripers from the surf or inlet? I have started getting reports that they are showing in the Bay. Share some favorite areas/tips. I only get down there a couple times a year if I am lucky so I like to make the best of it. Thanks!
  5. The Gallows - Poachers Hall of Shame
    Monday, August 2, 2010 Cheating scandal at U.S. Open rocks bass-fishing community By: Pete Thomas, A professional angler found to have stuffed lead sinkers down the throats of fish he submitted for weigh-ins during a prestigious bass-fishing tournament has been banned for life...
  6. Striper Guides & Charters
    On The Rocks Light Tackle Fishing Boat Captain_Rene [email protected] Newport Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Charters on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island
  7. Striper Guides & Charters
    On The Rocks Light Tackle Fishing Boat Captain_Rene [email protected] Newport Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Charters on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island
  8. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I fish off of jetties in almost all of my fishing and i have been using 50# power pro. I have lost a couple fish recentlly right in the rocks when a wave crashes as im trying to get my fish. The pp appears to snap in half. would it be better to be using 20# mono when im around rocks because it...
  9. Maine
    I am brand new to blogging. I had hoped I could blog here and get current info on conditions in southern Maine. Can't find anything useful here. Am i doing something wrong or is it that this is the wrong place to find info. ie on a blog
  10. Maine
    Hi, We are spending the week at my sister-out-law's family place at Goose Rocks, and I'd like any advice you can give me on where to get good (preferably GREAT) bait, where we might jig for mackerel, and where you are fishing. We'd probably go anywhere from OOB down to York or so to find a...
  11. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Hi, can't find answers through the stickies What is the best time to do this, high tide, or low tide? When is the best time ? June-Sept?(Massachusetts) Is herring ok to use? Do you throw it out and reel it in oevr and over, or do you cast it out and let it sit? Do you use a bobber? I...
  12. Surfcasting Central
    As Promised........ Rocks and reefs are two completely different entities. You need to understand the personalities of both before you can effectively fish them. They can exist separate, as well as, in most cases, side by side. Rocks, in my definition, stand above water and are visible at all...
  13. The Striper Forum
    I love this site! Best site for newbies and all to come and ask questions without the fear of being flamed by the old school (just do searches first). The surfcasting forum has been my hero. All of the info from the beginners’ clinic and all "101s" have been printed and put together into my...
  14. Hunting / Game
    So I get home from work, day light savings time has me depressed, and there is about 90 minutes till sunset. I figure I'll watch the news, eat dinner and then go down to the shop for a while. So I'm standing at the counter and my wife say's, "Go hunting." I say "really?" She say's,"Get out." So...
  15. The Sports Bar
    Congratulations to the Red Sox for winning the 2007 American League Pennant.
  16. DelMarVA
    The fish have moved into the South VA/North Carolina winter spots and can be had just off-shore.
  17. New Jersey
    Hello I am just getting into striper fishing. I fish off of rocks in South Jersey, but I'm sure I am missing some important know-how. I just bought a Tsunami TS Talkin Popper. Has anyone ever tried it, and is it good for striper fishing? What are your favorite lures when fishing near rocks...
  18. Massachusetts
    Came back from one of the most awesome blitzes I have ever been part of. Went to one of my fav spots in RI and saw hundreds of birds working about 3/4 mile down the beach, so I decided to take a walk. Most of them were sitting, some working, so I cast a 4" shad body. Fish on, 25"/7#. Cool...
1-18 of 20 Results