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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello all iam clearly new to the site and love it. Lots to read and very informative incormation here. Anyone from nantucket on here. Would be nice to get to know a local striper comrade. Been having decent luck the past 3 weeks my total is 20 fish one keeper 31", all in the harbor near the...
  2. Blogs
    New blog article: The Ranger by Robert's Lures
  3. Surfcasting Central
    Ive been fishing Robert Moses field 2-demo. point for the past 2 weeks almost everyday and haven't had a day without at least one bass. None of them huge by any means, all in the 20-30" range but loads of fun on light tackle. Every one of them hit a sand eel teaser I tie in front of the metal...
  4. New York
    what is the adapter needed to hook to their air supply?:thu:
  5. New Jersey
    I will be hittin the surf around 5pm anyone know whats bitting and on what type of bait or lures.... :cheers:
1-5 of 6 Results