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  1. Hudson River
    Registration ends tomorrow for the RB tourney dont forget to register I could use the extra moneywoohoo.gif
  2. Hudson River
    40+ inch fish measured in today.
  3. Hudson River
    RiverBasin Paybacks are now official.... 1st - $5,730 2nd - $1,948 3rd - $1489 4th - $1,031 5th - $687 6th - $687 To all entered good Luck...With my new striper tube II :banana: onboard I will now be able to weigh her and release her to spawn and fight another day.
  4. Hudson River
    Same guy who got 2nd @ Castleton over the weekend (Walt) ... got to meet him and pick his brain a little. Super nice guy, has many years on the river and really knows his sh*t :cheers:
  5. Hudson River
    Check out ... new leader. We were in the same area as them most of the day. Looks like she found a better spot. You go girl. :notworthy:
  6. Hudson River
    Catskill / Hudson River Striper Update - Thursday, May 1, 2008 Unfortunately at the present time there seems to be relatively little good to report about the status of this year's striper run. Regardless of what you might hear from a few lucky individuals about numbers of fish being caught, the...
1-6 of 6 Results