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  1. Connecticut
    Dead forum? Maybe get it going? Anybody fish tidal Ct river? Bait lures?
  2. Hudson River
    Drove over the KR bridge today at about noon, no boats in sight and you can see along way. Stopped at Corning in Albany on the way home, 2-3 trailers in the lot, saw one boat on the river. No docks. Try there tomorrow. Clarity about 18".
  3. Hudson River for Albany for Poughkeepsie little cold today at 38.
  4. Hudson River
    Theoy follow and eat the herring 😁
  5. Hudson River
    Has anyone successfully fished eels in the river during the spring run? I know stripers love killing them everywhere else the rest of the year, I've just never heard anything about them being used in the river. I would love nothing more than turning those bait stealing, leader twisting, line...
  6. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    Striped Bass of the Ocklawaha River, Florida Some of my fellow river bass anglers have experienced this type of adrenalin stimulus at least once in their lives and have not forgotten it yet. You are float-fishing a flowing river for your favorite black bass species from your canoe or kayak when...
  7. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    7/11/17 Photo of Striped Bass carcass on the middle Ocklawaha River From Ryan Hamm of FWC on 8/1/17: Mr. Nosca, It is difficult to tell for sure from the photo but it appears to be a Sunshine Bass (hyrbrid). It appears to be a few days old, so I think your suspicion about being washed down from...
  8. Reference Library
    "Largemouth Bass of the Ocklawaha River, Florida" Last Revised: 02 August 2017 This report -- compiled by a fisherman who fishes from a man-powered canoe and has actually caught over 2,000 largemouth bass on artificial lures from the Ocklawaha basin -- will attempt to consolidate available...
  9. Maine
    I have communicated with Dave Sherwood here about this, but lost touch with him---thought his handle was greenwing1 and may live in the Bowdoinham area??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. The Striper Forum
    Any help would be appreciated looking for bass and strippers. Any helpful location? Looking to launch bass boat at elk river state park
  11. Hudson River
    Does anyone know what the river looks like around Catskill. It's high and looks like a mud puddle around troy/albany. Does it stay muddy all the way down.
  12. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Looking for that spinning rod. Usually in the 25$ dollar range
  13. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Looks like the freshwater forum might be a little idle, but I wanted to see who out there is going after stripers in the rivers and creeks of this great nation. I am primarily a (black) bass kayak/canoe fisherman, but have on occasion pulled in a striper / hybrid...and it's always a blast...
  14. Maine
    Boat fished for stripers on the Androscoggin for years, interested in someone who as also done the same. Anyone interested in throwing the bull about striper fishing there, would love to talk.
  15. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    FREE THE OCKLAWAHA RIVER BY THE BREACHING OF RODMAN DAM I know that most of you are probably not -- but if you are a FLORIDA registered voter and/or real property owner...
  16. The Striper Forum
    Got on the CT River with Spanky my friend Chuck and another longtime CTFer... let's just call him up-chuck. Made a half hearted attempt to find some bunker then just broke out the tubes. It didn't take long to find a concentration of decent fish and we whacked them pretty good. Biggest was 44" a...
  17. Hudson River
    Does anyone know where I can find a map of the Hudson for both depth and what the floor is made of at each part? Ideally a map I can move around with the mouse (like google earth). Thank you
  18. Maine
    any guessing on when the shad will be in the river?
  19. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Hey every one , I am new to fishing for Stipers and Fishing the Hudson River (Albany area) and am trying to find the right pole for the job. Sooooo I plan to fish...from shore.. w/ chunk and live herring.....1-3 oz weights ...25lb test mono ... fish finder rigs....w/ a spinning Bait-Runner reel...
  20. Hudson River
    As only a 2cnd year rube, I'm looking for water temp reports and a seasoned angler's take on whether the fish will be active this first weekend. I've been fishing Lake Ontario browns and I,m full on ready to get going on the Striper fishing on Friday,but if it's not going to be happening I sure...
1-20 of 499 Results