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  1. Hudson River
    me in the top photo, 31 lbs buddy steve inb bottom....40, almost 41 lbs.. caught a keeper from the surf, too great weekend...on our way home we went over the hudson and it was wall to wall boats...down there, it was just us!!! have a great day, all! diamondd~~~OUT
  2. Surfcasting Central
    hey rhody guys noel is payin a visit bringin high surf and a northeast blow time to drop your cocks and pick up your socks before the water gets too dirty to fish. gunny? mike? bryan?briggs? bueller? bueller? hey is this thing on? anyone hittin the suds tonite or sat?
  3. The Striper Forum
    hey im new here but was hoping to find out if anyones catching fish in ri yet and if anyone has any good tips on spots to fish from land in ri and also any tips or tactics. ive been in florida for 7 years and the fishn is a little different down there any help would be great thanks....
  4. Rhode Island Fishing
    Hi - I'm new to this site and found it while googling... My kid brother and sister-in-law are making a rare pilgrimmage to visit me in Rhode Island Oct 5-10th. He's an avid surfcaster. I want to make the trip memorable and encourage more visits, so I'm hunting for hot fishing spots. He still...
1-4 of 4 Results