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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Looking for Orvis DXR anti reverse fly reel 7/8 or 9/10.Call or leave message 518-399-6169.
  2. The Striper Forum
    Looking to buy an Orvis dxr fly reel,either a7/8 or a 9/10. [email protected]
  3. Buy - Sell - Trade
    looking for orvis dxr anti reverse,both left and right hand. Wayne [email protected]
  4. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    My son Mike,thinking he was helping dad,charged my batteries in reverse,neg to pos and pos to neg.the electricals still work,so the batts still have juice.The big problem is now i have no juice the 150 yammie.Looking for info on what could have got toasted.All fuses intact in the engine and in...
  5. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Looking to buy a#6 or #8 right angle anti reverse fly reel [email protected]
  6. Stripers on the Fly
    Does anyone know where I can get an anti reverse fly reel for salmon without having to sell my house? [email protected]
  7. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    i took a bunch of parts from a few 706s that have seen better days and put um togther but for some odd reason i cant seem to get the anti reverse working right any way some one could explain how the set up looks on the anti reverse i even looked at one of my reels that works and i cant seem to...
1-7 of 8 Results