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  1. Hudson River
    Anyone fish the fall for the returning bass? I remember overhearing a kayak guide tell someone he had a good run in November a few years ago in Westchester. Anyhow, this is the year I plan to venture out on my yak in the springtime for stripers.
  2. The Sports Bar
    Just got done reading an article on Teddi. The doctors have cleared him to play!!!! headbang.gif He could come off the disabled list as soon as today. What an asset for the Patriots this would be to get Bruschi back. They've got a bye this upcoming week and if he comes back the week off I...
  3. Massachusetts
    I saw this posted on another forum ( and I dont think it was posted here yet so here goes: ----------------------------------- Please Return Striped Bass Temperature Tags Wednesday, 08 June 2005 Source Link The following is an announcment from the MA DMF. Please spread the...
1-3 of 4 Results