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  1. Rhode Island Fishing
    I am a student at the University of Rhode Island. My restoration ecology class lead by Dr. Laura Meyerson have joined the Taylor Point Restoration Association with the goal of "creating and maintaining a Taylor Point Natural Area that prioritizes habitat protection and improvement while...
  2. Blogs
    New blog article: Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project Hits the Wall
  3. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    Peers praise Riverkeeper Jeff Kelble's advocacy in pushing for new regulations, tracking down sources of pollution By Rona Kobell From the road just outside Harrisonburg, visitors can't see the stream that runs through the line of dairy farms. Its vegetation is unkempt, its bed nearly...
  4. Connecticut
    Environmental Contaminants Housatonic River restoration begins in Connecticut A 25-acre floodplain on the Housatonic River in New Milford, Conn., was permanently protected by the Northwest Conservation District at the end of November 2010. A trail will be constructed to provide access to the...
  5. Surfcasting Central
    Does anybody know the contact info for the gent in conn that restores 706 and 704z????
  6. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Picked up an older fixed handle 700. Made some upgrades, balanced the rotor cup, and gave it some new paint. Another one to test this season.
  7. Saltwater Licence Registry Links/Regulations/Laws
    The Sport Fish Restoration Act , commonly referred to as the Dingell-Johnson act, passed on August 9, 1950, was modeled after the Pittman-Robertson Act to create a parallel program for management of fishery resources, conservation, and restoration. The Sport Fish Restoration program is funded by...
  8. Mississippi Stripers
    Restoration project Gulf Coast Restoration project Katrina photos of the lab
  9. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    Hi all! My name is Holly and I am a graduate student working on an MS under Dr. Martha Mather in the Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation program, within the Department of Natural Resources Conservation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We're studying river herring restoration in...
  10. New Jersey
    NOAA and Partners Complete Oil Spill Restoration Project on Staten Island, NY Last week, NOAA officials joined local leaders in celebrating the completion of the Bridge Creek wetland restoration project at a dedication on Staten Island. The Bridge Creek project has restored 18 acres of...
  11. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Chuck specializes in restoring Penn spinning reels. His work is awesome. Here's his site. The Reel Restorer 710 704
1-11 of 11 Results