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  1. Alabama Stripers
    I'm home from Iraq, it's a five hour road trip to Weiss for my family, and we'll be there in two weeks. Would someone please provide us with information to improve our chances of catching a few Stripers. I would also appreciate any information on what areas to avoid. Just trying to avoid boat...
  2. South Carolina - Interior
    Anybody out there have any experience on the Congaree & Wateree rivers in SC?? Fellow Sandlapper planning on outings this spring, especially curious about 601 bridge area and the confluence of the Congaree & Wateree... took a 2 night trip up the Wateree , north from Sumter Hwy Ramp 3 weeks ago...
  3. The Sports Bar
    Iron Mikes Main Man's last request
1-3 of 6 Results