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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm Josh from central PA. Striper fishing is totally new to me and this Friday-Sunday at Raystown Lake will be my first time. I signed up for this site today and already I've found some great info. If anyone has any pointers for Raystown Lake, please share. Tight lines and good luck to all...
  2. Hudson River
    I called the local dec region 4 law enforecemant today to get the info for this year HE TOLD ME THAT SHAD THIS YEAR WAS CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY he also stated watch the dec web site for the changes he said that they will be on there before our seaseon started urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmumum.gif AGAIN...
  3. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    Well i just called a friend at the region 4 office and he told me that shad will be only catch and release only ''AGAIN REGION 4 DEC LAW ENFORCEMANT OFFICER TOLD ME THIS mumum.gifcall for your self
  4. Massachusetts
    Hi Everyone, I am not new to the site, but I am new to the region. Just moved to the North Shore of Boston and if Roc caught those fish out of Gloucester than I am not in a bad place to fish. It is only about 25 mins away. I took a ride down the other day and saw all the "perfect storm"...
  5. Missouri Stripers
    Long Branch Lake (Northeast Region) Information: (660) 785-2420 Long Branch Lake, located in Macon County, is a 2,400-acre Corps of Enginners flood control reservoir. Largemouth bass surveys were not conducted in spring 2009 due to high water and poor sampling conditions. Bass numbers have been...
  6. Hudson River
    I was just wondering when the stripers came so i can get my rods ready. I hope ice fishing holds me off til spring. :)
  7. DelMarVA
    Lower Bay/Tangier Sound Region: Fishermen are reporting that boats trolling along the shipping channel are catching some really good fish every day. Captains are reporting that often the big fish are being found along the deep edges of the channel. Umbrella rigs with parachutes; bucktails or...
  8. DelMarVA
    Mid Bay Region: Fishermen finished out this years season trolling along the edges of the shipping channel for large fall migrant striped bass and a few have been caught this week[/u]
  9. DelMarVA
    Upper Bay Region: Fishermen have been reporting that the striped bass have been very cooperative right up till the end of the season today. Many are commenting that this has been one of the best fall fisheries for striped bass in years and that they might continue Catch& Release for a while...
  10. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Whenever I go to my lakehouse as of now, I will make a report on what I was using, when, etc, If anyone decides to go fishing in the lakes region of NH.
  11. Massachusetts
    I now this is a striper forum, but seeing as there isn't any freshwater area, I've decided to post this report, seeing as i know some of us freshwater fish too :D At my lakehouse on Locke Lake, NH, just south of Lake Winnipsakee, I caught some nice sized perch, yellow and white, along with some...
1-11 of 11 Results