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  1. Massachusetts
    Hi All: I'm new to the forum and wondering if anyone could recomend a good charter captain for a tuna trip? Not so long ago there was a run of baby bluefins in Long Island Sound and I was lucky enough to hook up and land one on the fly rod. Absolutely the pinnacle of my fishing experiences. I...
  2. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    as a lot of you know, this will be my first year fishing from a boat where I am the captain. It's a 22 foot runabout(not made for fishing but its nice and gets the job done plus its great for cruising around). Anyways what do you guys recommend for a trolling speed, i know its hard to say...
  3. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    what kinda pole do you think i need for all around fishing. i got a reel and ill send pics but im gonna be gone till sunday.wrestling camp.ill probly use it for surf and livelining
1-3 of 3 Results