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  1. Hudson River
    Looking for a campsite on the side of the river in that area that also is a good shore spot. Answer by PM is ok to keep the spot not too well known. I know a decent portion of the camp spots, but haven't had much luck is the late 90's, so I stopped fishing when I camp. Most seem to have a...
  2. Hudson River
    :yay: future striper fishermen and women :yay:pics from todays kids tourneyment in coeymans on the hudson r.....anyone look familar.....a great time was had by all....a very big thank you to the Ravena Coeymans fish and game club that put it on...
  3. Hudson River
    they are finnaly hrere not many though
  4. Hudson River
    how long before we see any striper action up here i live in ravena new york ive herd reports of people catching fish further south:whistle: i hate this cold weather:mad:
1-4 of 4 Results