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  1. Hudson River
    Out of all the years I have been striper fishing, This year I have seen some people do some stupid shyt... From shore and from boat. Common courtesy among people fishing is blown out of the water when it comes to people so hungry for a striper or even a herring. Lots of us on Striper247 go by...
  2. Massachusetts
    I don't understand some fishermen...who in the world would think it's a good idea to troll 3 umbrella rigs across a 100 foot wide channel....i'm not talking about an "unmarked" kind of channel, but a legit channel. I'm out fishing early Saturday morning, it's not completely sunrise yet and there...
  3. Massachusetts
    First the report. Thnigs are picking up but are still sketchy. One day they are there and the next nothing. Very little bait around which I think is the problem. Now the rant. Some MF idiot ran between me and the rocks this morning and hooked my lure on his outboard. We were 20 yards from the...
1-3 of 9 Results