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  1. Boating Beginners
    Hi folks, I was selecting a trolling motor for my boat, and stopped on two options that are recommended by people on forums and in blogs: Motorguide R5 Transom Mount motor from Amazon Minnkota EO Transom Mount from Boat ID I consider these 2, because they seem to have enough power for my boat...
  2. The Striper Forum
    How long do you make your leaders for your tandem rigs you pull on your planer board rods? I'm new to planer board fishing, I've got to make up some rigs and I want to get them fishing right. Thanks for any info in advance.
  3. New York
    Hey everyone, been reading the forums for quite a bit now but making my first post because I can't find the information I am looking for. Not new to fishing but new to surf casting and am trying to settle on the right rod for the type of fishing I will be doing. I am located in Westchester so I...
  4. Hudson River
    I have a newbie question I'm new to fishing. I was at the lower hudson Sunday fishing around sunset the tide started coming in and I saw some fish jumping in the water. Not so frequently, about every 3 minutes saw one jump. Looked smaller then a bunker. Was wondering what it was and how to...
  5. Hudson River
    :sign4:Been out twice with no luck fishing chunk. Should my sinker be on the bottom or suspended as I drift. I mark fish at 18 or so feet and am thinking that I should suspend my sinker at that depth and drift through them. Newb on the hudson I am a surf fisherman. One more package of three...
  6. Hudson River
    I was hoping someone could clear something up for me. I have used a float rig before but not one like this: Do you allow the float to slide up the leader to the hook or do you use a stop somewhere along the leader? Can't seem to find the info anywhere. Want to try some different rigs this...
  7. Plugs and Plug Building
    I just bought out a guys shop and he had one of these... I was wondering if anybody has a similar model? I'm looking for a parts list and an assembly drawing for it thanks for any help
  8. Hudson River
    Hey guys. My name is Eric and I'm fairly new to fishing stripers. I live and fish in Orange County, mostly drifting bloods. I'm hoping someone can tell me how long slack tide lasts for? My understanding is that fishing is very slow during slack? Any info is helpful. Thanks.
  9. New York
    Hey guys. My name is Eric I live and fish in Orange County, mostly drifting bloods. I'm hoping someone can tell me how long slack tide lasts for? My understanding is that fishing is very slow during slack? Any info is helpful. Thanks.
  10. Delaware River
    Hi Guys- I've been fishing the surf for bass and now thinking of trying the Delaware. I have two 9" medium power rods, 8'6" medium power steelhead rod and a 10" medium heavy. All loaded with braid. I'm looking for info on rigging for bait (bloodworms?)and some good lures to use. Use the 9'...
  11. Hudson River
    I’m interested in possibly doing some striper fishing, but I’m limited to doing only shore fishing in the area from the federal dam down to the southern end of Albany and Rensselaer. 1---Is it worth my even trying or is my limited situation a “Mission:Impossible” deal that isn’t worth...
  12. Chesapeake Bay
    If you can only catch stripper between the demarcation line and the 3 mile line. am i going to get my ass in a sling, if i cross the demarcation line to bring my boat back in?
  13. Boaters Forum
    I have a 1990 Johnson 88hp spl had someone test it for me and they told me its reading 120 in all four valves. does this reading sound like its accurate or maybe they doing something?. I could use as much feedback as possible. tks guys
  14. The Striper Forum
    I picked up a portarod rod holder for my truck. my question is on the Height of the poles... silly first question but as a first time transporter i'm just not sure.... wires, bridges and so forth. thanks- : Portarod 3-Rod Holder Fishing Rod Holder / Transporter for Truck Bed ...
  15. Delaware River
    Hi guys, I have never fished the Delaware for stripers.. I fish mostly Salt water,Raritan Bay and as far soutn as manasquan inlet.. Myself and family just started camping last year and we are are looking to camp in and around the Water gap section of the big D we have a couple of campgrounds...
  16. Hudson River
    First I just want to be clear I am not asking people to reveal their spots, just trying to estimate the general pattern. I finally got my boat into Newburgh Marina, but I feel I may have missed the peak for the area. I am looking for real basics regarding temp/river location. I have many years...
  17. Hudson River
    Can one have ten live ones on board and some that are obviously not from that day (frozen)? I hate having to leave a hot spot to get more bait!!!
  18. Hudson River
    I've had trouble sabiking herring but seen guys having some success with the stollie was wondering what size net is legal and the best technique.
  19. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I bought a Penn Fathom 25LW last year. I really like the reel but I have a question. Is there a way to increase the amount of tension on the spool when using the bait clicker? I use the reel in a river environment and if I have the bail open with the clicker on and the tide is running stronger...
  20. Hudson River
    I made a sabiki rod from pvc today. Total cost about 10$ for pvc and a couple sabiki rigs. Tie-rapped an old reel onto it. My plan is to use it while drifting for stripers. I'm thinking to let it dangle or jig it while drifting. I drift out in the channel or close to the dropoffs leading into...
1-20 of 305 Results