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  1. Massachusetts
    Had a great night on the flats. Bass seemed holed up in one area, once we zeroed in we put six nice fish on the boat. No 40#er yet but great fishing!
  2. Albemarle Sound
    It was real slow this morning, but we were able to get our limit. I think there was only three or four boats on the entire bridge. Always like opening day of gun season :) Most were in the 19 - 20 inch class. Had a couple over 24. Had something BIG on for a little while until he pulled off.
  3. Rhode Island Fishing
    3/1/2011 Rhode Island - The Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife will acquire approximately 85 acres adjoining Carr Pond near North Kingstown, Rhode Island. This property is a former Girl Scout property. The pond is the site of an extremely productive herring and alewife run. The property...
  4. DelMarVA
    Mornin Yall, Looking to get both the daughters out for the first time this season. I hear the perch and pickeral are plantiful but went out scoutin for 'em last weekend to no avail. I put in at Sandy Point and would greatly appreciate any guidance to hot spots for tearing into some...
  5. Plugs and Plug Building
    We had fun, Turned a lot of **** for next season until the rain came down. A little over 40 plugs turned and drilled (this isnt all, others sealing) Its gonna be a fun year Nick
  6. DelMarVA
    Have heard various reports of big stripers being caught trolled up and jigged up on the Middle Grounds out in the Bay. Spotty reports of Sea Trout caught on 4 oz. Trout Bombs are becoming more common. Reports of 35" fish are not uncommon. I will post more info when I receive it :)
1-6 of 6 Results