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  1. Maine
    Hi, I'm a new member but a seasoned striper hunter located in York Maine. Unfortunately i was forced to sell my boat a couple a years ago and am dyin yo do some light action striper fishin from a Good Cap'n n Boat. Ive found 1 in York. 6 hrs,light tackle,great results from a 21ft Alaskan ctr...
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I have a guy down in jersey that is doing charters cheap, for a 8 hour day trip $380 up to six guys, he also does night trips 6hours for $350 I was thinking if I could get a few guys to go it would make it cheaper 70 a person maybe. He has the whole weekend of 6/11 open so let me know what you...
  3. New Jersey[1].0forweb.pdf Court Decision Private Beach Public Access opens pdf Summary: This case upholds the puplic trust doctrine. The public trust doctrine recognizes that certain resources- such as the ocean, navitagable rivers and their shores--are...
  4. Massachusetts
    Can anyone tell me where in Boston or New hampshire of a good private 6 to 8 people max. charter for stripers\blues.
  5. The Wiper Room
    Is Culver Lake in Sussex Co. NJ private? What other fish are in that lake? I'm just curious. I live right by spruce run so there is no chance of me going all the way up to culver with the run right in my back yard. Thanks, Jeff
1-6 of 9 Results