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    Thinking about installing downriggers on Crestliner so I can get down to striper and eye depth. Cost is significant though, anyone have alternative trolling techniques or practices I could try before spending money for downriggers. I have tried lead core line trolling with some success but I'm...
  2. Arizona Stripers
    Re: Weekly Arizona Reports and Hot spots Complete Az weekly reports can be found here Colorado River Northwest Lake Powell Fishing Forecast for 2010 by Wayne Gustaveson, Utah Division of Wildlife Fish are grinning at Lake Powell. All of the little necessities for successful fish life are...
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    Fernwood 2007
  4. The Lounge
    Lynyrd Skynyrd's keyboard player Billy Powell died early this morning. That leaves only Artimus Pyle, drummer, and Gary Rossington, guitarist, left of one of the greatest bands of Southern Rock. Rest in peace, Billy.
  5. Arizona Stripers
    Anybody fishing on Lake Powell this year? I have a trip planned for Late September to rent a houseboat for a week with 8 guys. They threw in a 19' boat with the deal. Going out of Waheap marina in the South end of the lake. Is there any knowledge of that area on this forum? Any help/suggestions...
  6. Arizona Stripers
    LAKE POWELL Fishing for stripers and smallmouth bass at Powell, which is more than 100 feet below capacity, should be the best it's been in years, according to Wayne Gustaveson, lead biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Lake Powell Project "The drought situation has a lot of...
1-6 of 6 Results