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  1. DelMarVA
    article Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament Striped bass made up the highest number of citation awards in the 51st annual running of the state tournament. The state issued 1,298 striper awards in 2008, including a state-record 73-pounder. The number of award-winners was the second-highest for...
  2. Instructional Videos & Utilities
    Here is a video of me with a buddy catching some big Stripers at the bay in the fall. It has become quite popular, you may have already seen it. Hope you like it! :banana: :gob_icon_cheers: Yes, we left the clickers on, on purpose for the video. Mike
  3. Kayaking Stripers
    30+ pound bass caught this week in cold spring harbor... bunker already moving in. This will be an Unbelievable season. :cheers: headbang.gif
1-4 of 4 Results