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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hi Friends, I am new to this. We will be in the Philippsburg's area from July 19th - 23rd and I'm planning on fishing the stretch from the Ocean View Campground Area to the mouth of kennebec at the Fort Popham state historic site. Also are there areas on the kennebec river from Bath to the...
  2. Maine
    Worked the rocks next to the fort this morning, with moderate success. Ran eels and floating plugs, hit two; one 20 and one 26. Chunkers were on the beach, but didn't get to see what success they had. Saw something big jump, but couldn't tell if it was a bass, sturgeon, or blue. Low was...
  3. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Spending a week on the beach in June. I have been there b4 walked out and fished for schoolies off the island with bass tackle free spool quantums and 7" rods. I can't remember what lures I used but was thinking about krocs with single hooks , 3-6" swimbaits with weighted 4/0-6/0 hooks I know...
  4. Maine
    Well I spent an all nighter fishing at Popham beach by Fort Popham from about 6pm sat until about 8am sun morning used live eel all night nothing, used a popper first thing in the morning and chunked mackerel, nothing 5 guys showed up sun morning at 6ish when i had left they hadn't had any luck...
  5. Surfcasting Central
    I'm going to popham beach maybe on sunday and am planning on doing some fishing, i only have a 7.5 foot 20 pount test rod but i can still cast it very long distances. I only use artificials and would like to know where to fish if we go to the park entrance (not by fort popham). What should we...
  6. Maine
    Another great Striper 24/7 outing at Popham Beach Phippsburg, ME. Please post your pictures and notes here. Next stop Boston, MA. Social Time Uninvited guests Weapons of bass destruction. Popham Beach before Popham Beach after Striper 24/7 Good friends-Good fishing Striper Jim...
  7. Maine
    Hey everyone, just a reminder that the Popham beach stripers 247 gathering is tomorrow into sunday....I just got a call from gunny, him and smulax are already there, and loving it....myself and a bunch of others will be joining up with them in the morning. Hope you can join us!
  8. Maine
    I am heading up to Popham for Labor day weekend, should I expect any fish to be in range from the beach?? Will I need to go nocturnal for stripers from the beach? I want to try to get some fly action from shore but will use the heavy rod if I have to. Anyone have any suggestions?? Never...
  9. Maine
    For anyone coming to the POPHAM BEACH GET TOGETHER 08/18/2007-08/19/2007 This is a short 30 second clip on what the surf looks like
  10. Massachusetts
    If you did not get it, and are going, thinking about going, or might be going, Email me. [email protected]
  11. Surfcasting Central
    If you did not get it, and are going, thinking about going, or might be going, Email me. [email protected]
  12. The Striper Forum
    If you have not recieved it, and are going, might go, or are thinking about it. Email me [email protected]
  13. Massachusetts
    Who's in? Come on guy's we know from the Beavertail run how good this can be. we have a pretty good crowd for this one as well, however, YOU should be there too! It aint that far of a ride. Get over to the gatherings forum and post up!
  14. Maine
    August 18th, I will be leaving from work on the 17th at 4 PM, more details are forthcoming. If your in, post your intent in this thread. I will be editing this post as information comes available. I Google earthed the place and it looks friggin awesome! salt marsh estuaries all over the place...
  15. Maine
    Headin out to Popham tonight, got a fresh batch of eels and uncle sam is giving me the next couple days off, hope to see some of ya out there. Kyle
  16. Maine
    :minigun: anything going on in Popham im going back down to popham this week and just wondering if anybody been there catching any cows.we are bringing the boat this time.i went a couple months agao and the boat broke down so we did some surf casting late at night and caught acouple small ones 1...
  17. Maine
    Has anybody been fishing near Popham Beach recently? Plan on spending the weekend there, and I hope to catch a striper or two if I can! Thanks for any help! Pops
  18. Maine
    i am going down the weekend on 7/29 and am looking for some info on the action and if the blues have started to move in yet. PLEASE HELP. THANKS
1-18 of 18 Results