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  1. Rhode Island Fishing
    I'm thinking of lugging my kaysk up to rhode this spring but only if there is access to the salt ponds. I caught some Albies on the yak this past year off watch hill light and it was great, but I'm really only interested in the salt ponds for the spring. Are there any little put ins off the...
  2. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I am just getting into salt water fishing and before I attempt to try surf casting, I was wondering if I am able to fish Salt Ponds in my area (Rhode Island) without fly fishing.
  3. Rhode Island Fishing
    Hi All I was wondering if anyone has any info on fishing there besides when there is a worm hatch? I live in CT and was thinking it would be a good place to use a kayak or a canoe. Is it way too early for fish in there? I usually dont start fishing the beaches till may but I am starting to go...
  4. Commemorative Threads
    Can someone make this a sticky
  5. Rhode Island Fishing
    Salt Pond Fished from about 6pm-9pm a few nights last week, was chunking mackeral and whole squid, caught a half dozen fish between 26-30 inches, I kept the 30inch for the table, what a great week of fishing even though the weather was so shitty!
  6. Hudson River
    A good friend of mine just moved to a old farm house way out in Nassau while we where walking the land we discovered a fair sized stream fed pond that hasn't been touched in 10+ years.. What are you suggestions for first tim bait out there. I figured a worm and a bobber would nail'em whats your...
  7. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Alright I just checked out this freshwater pond we have on base that is supposedly stocked every year with catfish, bass (I'm assuming smallmouth?) and bluegill. Live bait is prohibited so I am completely confused when it comes to anything freshwater.....I don't know what type of plugs to use...
  8. The Wiper Room
    MySpaceTV Videos: WIPERS by Warren
  9. The Striper Forum
    Any Idea on the best way to catch stripers out of a one acre pond? I put 70 1 pound stripers in my pond. I live in Whiteland indiana. I have caught a few. Thanks for any ideas.
  10. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I have a pond I put 70 1lb stripers in. Any suggestions on how to catch them? Whiteland, Indiana
  11. The Wiper Room
    I have 1 1/2 acre pond that I stocked with wipers last year to help control my bluegill population. They have done quite well. Now I need to learn how to get them out of the pond. I can't seem to get them to hit any lures I throw in the pond. I've tried jigging with a 4" Swimmin' Pogy from...
  12. New York A Pond Under Pressure By Larry Penny (03/14/2007) At 173 acres, Fort Pond in Montauk is the second largest freshwater lake on Long Island behind Lake Ronkonkoma, 240 acres large. Up until 1925, Lake Montauk, nearly a thousand acres...
  13. Massachusetts
    Hit tha pond yestahdee with 2 of my nephews. The thing was just stocked, and it seems to have been ravaged already. People take home every single trout they catch. It's really to the point of actually aggravating me nowadays. Some Humanoids just drive me insane. Anyhow, even though we didnt...
  14. Massachusetts
    Came back from one of the most awesome blitzes I have ever been part of. Went to one of my fav spots in RI and saw hundreds of birds working about 3/4 mile down the beach, so I decided to take a walk. Most of them were sitting, some working, so I cast a 4" shad body. Fish on, 25"/7#. Cool...
1-14 of 15 Results