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  1. The Striper Forum
    What's up guys I have a quick question, I recently just picked up a 6'6 Shimano Trevala spinning rod for stripers out of my boat. Can I pair it with a Shimano Baitrunner 6000 or is that too small and I should just get the 8000? I would be using 30# braided line. Any input would be great, thanks!!
  2. Surfcasting Central
    bought a sargus6000
  3. Delaware River
    Got out today beautiful day. River was like a lake even saw a canno paddler. Stayed up by ranakokas. Bloods outgoing two fish 18" & 14 1/2" got pics on iPhone so I'll post later and on utube. LOL. 1st of 2009!!!!!
  4. Surfcasting Central
    Have a shamino 6500 reel baitrunner sitting on a diwa eliminator 11' pole two piece I want to say hvy surf rod. do not like the distance of the reel to the butt of the pole. too long awkward. if i'm standing in the surf thigh high yea the reel is out of the water and would make good support...
  5. The Striper Forum
    OK, Not for noting but after a couple hours getting skunked on the Mac I drove home and put up the windows of my Giant Land Rover and SNAP! Yep, the tip of my moderately expensive, 8 foot long, generic Chinese rod was caught up in there and snapped. I now have no Striper rod. I guess it doesn;t...
  6. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I am fairly new to boat fishing. I've been toying with getting a wire line setup for some trolling. I have an old pen convential rig that I can setup but I assume I need to get a pole that can handle wire line correct? I have an older pole that would be great, can a pole be modified to handle...
  7. Freshwater Tackle Box
    hows the quality on these, nowadays? Also is their Heavy power an actual Heavy? or More like a Medium heavy. anyway I made a post about getting a new pole finally getting around to it this wendsday anyway I am looking for a jetty pole for Stripers, Blues, and Tautog heres the poles i'm looking...
  8. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Since the rod tip on my Shimano casting combo broke recently, Cabela's gave me a choice on whether to return or exchange. Below are my choices for the exchange which all cost the same as my Shimano at $59.98. Tell me which combo you guys would get. Thanx. :salute: Pflueger Vintage/Cabela's...
1-8 of 9 Results