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  1. Contest Forum
    mpleasants "Stripers Twenty Four Seven" It?s February 2nd and I?m in water up to my hips There?d been reports of stripers in the surf and the rips It?s sixty two degrees with no wind or a cloud I?m thinking and praying and hoping out loud Nothing all season, but today may be the day With...
  2. Contest Forum The Mr. Wigglies are on the way from The surfcaster and the Penn Greenie is nice and shiny. Top 4 get prizes. This one is a tough call. Some smaller conso prizes will be sent as well. I need some help with these. I have some favs...
  3. Contest Forum
    Ok this one is a little bit different. Its a Poetry contest. Fishing related. Must be original. Fishing theme The words stripers247 must appear somewhere. Must be at least 3 stanzas long or 12 lines. Anybody is eligible to enter. Doesnt matter if it sucks. Prize for the worst and the...
1-3 of 4 Results