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  1. Massachusetts
    Very sad to report that Kay Moulton from Surfland has passed away this morning - she will be missed by many! -- Tom
  2. Massachusetts
    I just drove 14 hrs to plum island for a short vacation is the stripers up here yet?
  3. Massachusetts
    Hello, how's the bite from shore right now? looking forward to getting down there. thanks
  4. Massachusetts
    I have been fishing Plum island about a decade and I have always been a weight and bait fisherman. Due to a terrible year last year; I decided to upgrade my gear and strictly fish plugs and eels. Are there any recommendations for plugs for the river, beach front, jetty , reserve? I had success...
  5. Stripers 101 - Sticky Threads
    I'm looking to get my surf casting career started. I have read two of Zeno Hronim's books and one by John Skinner on bucktails. Hoping the migration will get to NH soon where I live. But I thought I could get a head start by going down to the mouth of the Merrimack in MA. Can anyone tell me...
  6. Massachusetts
    Fished Friday night into the morning walking the beach with artificials. Stopped at Surfland in the morning and fished lot 4 and 6 with bait. 10 plus hours of fishing and one skate. Of all the people I ran into, no one was catching fish. Over the next few weeks, where should one go to fish...
  7. Massachusetts
    Fished a number of spots on Plum Island starting around 2 pm through the evening. Temps in the mid 50s with some offshore wind. Previous week I had found good success catching 5 but yesterday was not the case. The beach from Lot 1 north was so full of seaweed that lines continued to get...
  8. Cape Cod Canal
    Hey everybody, I'm new to MA from Virginia. I've been hitting Plum Is for the past week hard and nothing. I mean not even a bite! I haven't seen anyone catch a Striper. Really disappointed! Back home I'd be knee deep in 45+ in Rocks by now. HELP!!
  9. The Striper Forum
    I'm heading out to plum gut and the race next week. I'm very new to saltwater (second season) any advice for stripers or blues would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking frozen bunker or squid? Any bait/rig suggestions would be great. This is my first salt trip with my boat this year. Thanks...
  10. The Striper Forum
    hi. I am planning a trip to fish plum gut and the race for stripers. I am unfamiliar with the area.I was hopeing i could get some help.Can anyone tell me what time of year is best on these spots for big stripers?Also can anyone recomend a good charter captian that fishes here? Thanks in advance...
  11. Massachusetts
    Thinking about going down to Plum Island on Sunday Cinco de Mayo to hit the first tide in the morning and afternoon from Brunswick, ME. Hit me up if you're thinking about being there. I'm trying to get a report if things are looking good or not and will post if I hear something.
  12. Massachusetts
    i am comming out in two days and i am looking for any pointers to help me catch my first striper from the beach most importantly bait and best times? thank you for any help
  13. The Striper Forum
    Hi, New member here and new to striper fishing. Just got a 17.5 foot key west (first boat) and don't think its big enough (or that I have the experience) to get it out into plum gut or the race. Will I have any success sticking in Orient harbor and near the eastern shore of Shelter Island? Any...
  14. The Striper Forum
    Anyone having any success latley along Plum Island MA. Is it still worth driving 3 hours to give it a try and what has been working. Thanks
  15. Massachusetts
    Next weekend I'm off to Plum Island. I have never fished there. We'll be fishing from shore around the Merrimac River mouth. Anybody got some pointers on what to throw in my surf bag? I am a big fan of Bomber minnows and top water poppers. What Bait works best this time of season? Thanks.
  16. Massachusetts
    ok so me and my friend r gonna go to plum island or salisbury tommorow and this friday. need some advice. were probably gonna live eels and steel leaders. just wondering what to get. i got a nice combo with 25 lb test and some tackle. any ideas on what i shud get?
  17. Massachusetts
    ok i have hit plum island at night usualy 10-2 or 4 on the beach anywhere from the parking lot right their by surfland up to the north end mostly using clams a few worms or mack chunks with next to no luck not looking for spots but for some bait advice at night from shore do live eels or macks...
  18. New Member Introductions
    new to the forum and enjoy reading the tips. used to have a small boat and fished the Merrimac River and Joppa Flats with great success. No boat anymore and started to striper fish again after a few years off. Surf casting down Plum Island since I live 5 mins away and have no acess to a boat...
  19. Rhode Island Fishing
    Whats goin on up there ?
  20. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    All, This is no joke, we need your help. Pass this on to anyone you know who has an interest in keeping fishing access open to the public. I realize not all of you are in to the ORV drive-on beach/surf fishing, but you are all seriously involved in striper fishing in one form or another...
1-20 of 75 Results