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  1. Arizona Stripers
    I've just started fishing Pleasant for stripers and you've all heard about beginners luck. Well I'm not having any. I need to hear about the closely guarded secret places on the lake to get stripers, what you're using and my biggest drawback is that I don't have a boat. Any help will do...
  2. New Jersey
    Yesterday we picked through quite of few Blues in the late afternoon to get some Bass to cooperate. We finished with 6 Keeper Bass to 19 pounds and this weekend looks promising once the rain passes Thursday. We had mild temperatures Wednesday (near 70 degrees) and the fish we strongly marked...
  3. Striper Guides & Charters
    Last night we had Bass under the Bunker schools and we saw Butterfish too! Fish were in the 36 inch range and willing to grab a 12 inch bunker. We got them on weighted shads and also Yo-Zuri crystal minnows as we were all by ourselves. This morning we had a mix of Blues and a few Bass. We do...
  4. New Jersey
    Going down to Point Pleasant Sunday. Any suggestion on fishing bait, lures or combination? And how is the fishing in the area lately? Also is the south side of the beach better or next to the inlet? Any pointers on what to use for bait and what to use for lures and plugs?
  5. New Jersey
    Would anybody be able to direct me to good spot on the beach for surf / flounder fishing in point pleasant?
  6. Arizona Stripers
    I fish from the bank for stripers at Lake Pleasant all the time. These are all deep spots that can be fished from the bank with anchovies on the bottom: Below Roadrunner Campground by the Visitor's center. The point below the Visitor's center or out on the point of the (now) island towards the...
  7. Arizona Stripers
    The hookup fishing outfitters and guide service - Striper action on nationally renowned Lake Pleasant Questions or to make Reservations Call: 623-412-3474 Address: 8708 W. Harbor Blvd., Peoria, AZ 85383 Email: [email protected]
  8. Striper Guides & Charters
    Fishing was solid with Bass and Blues caught on Jig and on the Fly! the Hard West wind blew adult bunkers in close and we had a great day. Fishing should be solid thru December so call for Stripers247 1-3 person discounts
  9. Striper Guides & Charters
    We are now sailing the 21CC Contender out of Wills Hole Marina which is across the way from the Big Jamaica and 5 minutes from Manasquan Inlet! Saturday saw a steady pick of Stripers and Huge Blues to 18 pounds as they were feeding on Sand Eels. We took fish on a variety of lures today and we...
  10. Saltwater Species
    Loaded to the core with blacks. Only till about mid november though! I went 4 times and ive caught about 70 fish total in those trips. All on Clams and greencrabs. Fish the walls or cast out into the middle. Good size and good fighting fish. I had 2 keepers over 4 trips. Ive seen 4lb fish...
  11. Arizona Stripers
    I live about 25 minutes from Lake Pleasant, where stripers were introduced about 15 years ago when the Central Arizona Project canal from the Colorado was finished. I'm new to stripers, being originally from Alaska. I went last Saturday 5/17 and did pretty well. I fished all over the lake...
  12. Arizona Stripers
    I'm taking my daughter to Lake Pleasant this weekend for striper fishing/trolling. I'm hoping to get a boat load. Does anyone have some recent experience? Thanks all!
  13. Massachusetts
    I plan on getting out on Nauset over the next couple of weeks for some surfcasting. I have been playing around the last couple of years for stripers without much success. Is anyone familar with the Oversand permit area at Nauset? Any suggestions on technique or areas?
  14. Arizona Stripers
    Stripers Under The Microscope Lake Pleasant Arizona Fisheries Management Arizona trophy bass lake suffers from growth pains By Lee Allen BASS Times, Nov. 2004 PHOENIX, Ariz. ? Lake Pleasant experienced what biologists often refer to as "new lake vigor," beginning about a decade ago when dam...
  15. Arizona Stripers
    FISHING HOT SPOT Lake Pleasant: Head for the Agua Fria arm of the lake or other areas with inflows. The Agua Fria River flow hit around 1,000 cfs on Monday and was still flowing at around 750 cfs at noon Tuesday. It is likely that Castle Creek and Humbug Creek are flowing as well. Quite often...
  16. Arizona Stripers
    Arizona Lake Pleasant Free Fishing Day Get your fishing poles and picnic baskets ready: free fishing day is Saturday, June 12 in Arizona on public waters. Arizona Game and Fish officials say that during Arizona's free fishing day, anglers do not need a fishing license to fish the state's...
  17. New Jersey
    Boat captains are catching stripers during the day jigging. 20 to 30 pound rang. Blue fish night runs begin Saturday Point Pleasant: stripers taken during Saturday's trip, including a 26-pounder. Belmar:?day fishing using jigs ? offshore night trips yielding blues from 4-8 pounds off edge of...
1-17 of 17 Results