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  1. Interior States and Landlocked Striper Forums
    William,s bait and tackle at the west marina in lake elsinore caught one of the biggest bass i have ever seen come out of this lake.:mental: His son nick who was using a sexy shad landed and released this fish. A p.b. For nick...
  2. Massachusetts
    Fished the tide last night sow & pig's first time out this season, Beautiful night got two linesider's in the boat threw a few back for the next time. Forgot the camra lol that's ok !! Take picture's next time.thumbsup.gif
  3. Maine
    :bbq2:Im in - Site 29 Pig Roast is now official. 2 cookers rented in Scarborough and two 80 pound pigs await us at the butcher in Saco. Thank you to Buddah and Chris (Mainesurfcasta) for the assistance with the pigs. If more people are...
1-3 of 7 Results