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  1. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Me and my buddy lous bass trip last weekend. 3 bass, one small one and 2 other ones. Here are the 2 pictures. Both on a jig.
  2. Hudson River
    I have been trying to upload some pictures of some frish that i have caught so far this year but im having some trouble. I did a search on here and nothing shows up. Any help would be great! thanks alot
  3. The Striper Forum
    Fish about 1 mile north of Jennette's Pier Water temp 38.9 35 to 60 feet water depth all the fish you wanted, Bait of choice for me today was Chesapeake 24 oz with 9 in shad trailer been awhile since i seen fish like this inside 3 miles.
  4. All Time Best Threads
    Told the wife she needed a break from work today and I needed someone to go fishing with. Anyway back to the report we ended up with 4 citations biggest being 41 pounds.thumbsup.gif
  5. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    The Girth compared to a 5 gallon bucket MORE ON THE STORY
  6. All Time Best Threads
    Post pictures of your 2009 striped bass fatties here. TRY NOT TO POST WITHOUT PICTURES 2009 HUDSON RIVER PHOTO'S
  7. Plugs and Plug Building
    A few new ones: And a plastic minnow repaint
  8. Saltwater Species
    here are the pictures of the 496 lb 16 foot thresher that Capt Joe Bagwell of River Rebel Charters and Billy Majors of Maja Day Charters and the rest of the team that landed this gaint on Saturday July 5th near the fingers.
  9. Maine
    Fun weekend. Just got home to Portland a few minutes ago. Glad to meet everyone and I learned quite a bit. Thanks especially to Jim, Gunnie, and Jacob. Well it was windy and rainy and the fishing wasn't easy but the food and company were both great! And I personally don't mind having to -really...
  10. Massachusetts
    My buddy Kyle and his fish then my fish Sorry about the blurry ass second picture
  11. Massachusetts
    I never post pictures so here you go Some Bass in the 20lb Range. BTW they tasted delicious.:redbiggrin: Tight lines yall.
  12. Massachusetts
    I know these aren't stripers but the blues came into colt state park last year and well this was the outcome. :cheers:
  13. Massachusetts
    The 2007 season is officialy in the books for me.. it was a great summer, I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like to sleep more than 4 hours a night! Here's a few pictures of memorable moments from this season...
  14. Alabama Stripers
    Kelly sent me thes pictures to post that she caught in her creek in Ohatchee, Alabama last month We usually catch them on a white & black redfin that you can see hanging out of the mouth of the 12lb stripe and tangled in the net in the 16 Jul07 photo. My oldest son is home for the month during...
  15. The Striper Forum
    Taken from my boat.... While I was looking for some material for the Bass destruction thread, I realized I have lots of pictures of guys ( and a few gals) with pictures of fish caught from my boat, these are all fond memories, some were newbies desperate for a "keeper" others were seasond vets...
  16. Massachusetts
    Cod and haddock are within 5 miles of land, bass are chowing eels and macks, all things are right with he world and summer has begun. Included a pic of me on the rail, long struggle with what turned out to be a double header of steaker cod
1-16 of 30 Results