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  1. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    St croix inshore casting rod. MIC70MHF 7ft fast med heavy line wt. 10-20 1/2 to 1 1/2 ozs. Reel 6600C4 Abu Garcia Ambassador classic c4. like i said got it at a yard sale. reel is missing the mechanical braking knob. sending it back to abu garcia as soon as i can find a box for it. what...
  2. Hudson River
    Greatings on the eve of the big day! All this bad weather has given me the chance to finally get all my reels cleaned, tackle organized and restocked.... and picked up my first Kayak to rig out for fishing!! Pretty pumped, finally get mt butt off the shore and out onto some nice drifts! So the...
  3. The Wiper Room
    Hey Guys, I fished the Hannibal tailrace today, Picked up two decent hybrids, one about 7 1/2 lbs and the other a solid 10 lbs, also picked up a few smaller ones and a few white bass. Not a bad morning considering the water was very dirty and running very fast. Anyone else doing any good with...
  4. Stripers on the Fly
    at a local fishing flee market and I need to figure out how to make one.
  5. New Jersey
    friday the 13th my ass
  6. Kayaking Stripers
    Kayak finally got in town. I went to freight line to p/u, beautiful yellow work of "roto molded" art! ;) Got it registered, warming it up in kitchen as we speak so lettering will stick! Putting in lake for first time tomorrow, any general SOP for paddling a relatively long 15' kayak while...
1-6 of 6 Results