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  1. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    7/11/17 Photo of Striped Bass carcass on the middle Ocklawaha River From Ryan Hamm of FWC on 8/1/17: Mr. Nosca, It is difficult to tell for sure from the photo but it appears to be a Sunshine Bass (hyrbrid). It appears to be a few days old, so I think your suspicion about being washed down from...
  2. Hudson River
    My teammate Paul Dillon is in a photo Contest for the Striper Cup. It would be awesome if you guys could vote form him. The link is below.
  3. The Wiper Room
    Hi everyone, I'm an outdoor writer for KY Outdoors and I'm doing an article on hybrids for the April issue. I am looking for photos of fish, a picture of a Lucky Craft Staysee, any kind of trolling set ups you may have, or any lures you use to catch 'em. The article focuses on Lake Herrington in...
  4. Hudson River
    Are they here or not? Upper, Mid or lower...Ive only seen pics of juveniles so far.. Anyone care to share?
  5. Images and Pictures
    I got an email but I can't find the spot to look at the pics or upload any. Need some assistance
  6. Hudson River
    thumbsup.gifpic of my 20 pound carp from this morning and a big ship that came through
  7. Striper247 Events
    OK guys,,, here's a thread to post up photos taken at the Rhodie Gathering. My wife took a few...
  8. Contest Forum
    Ok another year for a photo contest. Havent yet determined a prize but we'll think of something. any takers?
  9. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    Here are a few Giant Pikies (8", 9" counting lips) still on the painting/drying rack
  10. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    I Had To Share This!!!!!!!
  11. Contest Forum
    Present your 2004 fishing photo entry here. Grand Prize $50 gift Certificate to striper books for christmas. Runners up will recieve various striper fishing tackle as consolation prizes. I will add first two entries from our members. Any submissions or suggestions are welcome. The...
  12. Contest Forum
    Ok 1 clear winner and a 3 way tie for second place Ill figure out whats what. Congratulations to Brandon K for his sunset photo " " to afx twin / Darkriver / Briggs. Thanks guys. Prizes to arrive in mail shortly.
  13. Contest Forum
    Contenders for the prizes. Afx Twin surf afx twin beach house Brandons Lighthouse Briggs monstah Briggs come to daddy Drs sunset off st clements Drs sunsets Drs sunset on the potomac Mikes butt crack Jbs butt crack jbs diving gannets Zimnos Maine FINALISTS AFX Twins surf picture afx twins...
1-13 of 21 Results