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  1. Albemarle Sound
    Went out this afternoon with dad, caught 6 and kept 4. Onlyl fished a couple of hours. Glad to see the weather break and fish showing up. All the fish were caught close to shore around structure (stumps, piers, etc.). Water temp was 58 and fairly clear.
  2. Albemarle Sound
    Finally was able to get out and fish for a couple of hours before the wind and rain came. I was glad to see the water level had gone down and was fairly clear. Between three of us we landed a dozen fish with six of them keepers. The keepers were really fat 19-22" and were holding tight to...
  3. Albemarle Sound
    Fished yesterday morning from Sutton's Creek to Harvey Point Base and came up with nothing. The wind was SW and really picked up as the day went on. The water was very high and dirty. Have heard that there have been some caught as the sound bridge trolling stretch 15's.
  4. Albemarle Sound
    Anybody fishing out near the mouth of the rivers this week. I keep hearing the rock are beginning to school but can't find any signs of it myself. Let me hear if you've done any good. Thanks
  5. Albemarle Sound
    I fished a club bass tournament on Sunday 12 Nov. Just thought I would mention that I caught several nice STRIPERS 24 -27 " on spinner baits. The were up close to stumps. To bad I couldn't catch the largemouth the same way.
1-5 of 6 Results