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  1. Kayaking Stripers
    I'm looking for some fellow kayak Striper fisherman to team up with. I like to fish anywhere anytime. LOL. Im NNJ and hit up the Raritan, Hudson, J-BAy etc. If your up let me know.:icon_twisted:
  2. Hudson River
    How about this year we all do alittle conservation ourself and not keep the fish we catch. Common people its not like you need to eat the fish to survive. Theres plenty of doller menus out there. Instead of putting your catch on a stringer, take a picture throw it back and put your picture in...
  3. Hudson River
    Do people have better luck with the incoming or out going tide? It seems dead tide seems to be really slow going.
  4. New York
    Me and my dad are coming up. Were doing beach than a boat. I was just wondering what are the best lures to use from the beach. Swimmers? Mambo Minnows? Pencil popper / normal poppers? Storm shad? Ava 17 and smaller diamond jigs? Bucktails and pork rinds? Fin-S jigs? I mean is it...
  5. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    For a long time now we've had a noreaster storm that has been spinning off the coast, blowing rain onto us from the east. It feels like it's been days. How will this change your fishing? Will the fish be disturbed for a while with altered eating patterns? Will they be less likely to be...
  6. Kayaking Stripers
    And If not why? The capacity is 500lbs. What difference does it make if its tackle or another person? Discuss
  7. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    And its NOT because of hurricanes
  8. The Sports Bar news services COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett turned himself in Monday night on charges of robbing two people at gunpoint in an alley behind a bar. His lawyer, Percy Squire, said his client would be jailed overnight and was set to appear in court...
  9. Massachusetts
    Can anyone tell me where in Boston or New hampshire of a good private 6 to 8 people max. charter for stripers\blues.
  10. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    My very best carp catching bait consists of a raisinbran mush made with raisinbran grape soda. Add just enough grape soda to make the mush balls,chum the area with corn(corn also is an excellent carp bait) bait a fishfinder rig with a mushball the size of a grape, and off you go...make sure the...
  11. Plugs and Plug Building
    Hi all. Husky is in the house. Hey guys and gals, have you ever tried making a Plug? I found a new way of making them and besides being fun, it's inexpensive and easy. the only kicker is that you have to send the spouse out when you're working the Bondo or Resin because it's a tad stinky...
1-11 of 18 Results