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  1. Maine
    Any striper that far yet and if so any suggestion on lures? Thanks
  2. Maine
    Any news on whether stripers have made it up to the Penobscot this year? I an spending next week on Swan's Island. I'm planning to bring the kayak and see what I can find. Can I expect anything other than mackerel?
  3. Maine
    Has anybody been catching stripers yet?
  4. Stripers on the Fly
    Hi, havent pretty much no experience fly fishing for stripers, but want to try my spey rod out for them on the penobscot tomorrow night around bangor. I use it for steelhead at home in buffalo, ny, but have never caught a striper. If anyone wants to go fishing tomorrow night (low tide at...
  5. The Striper Forum
    yes the fishing is furious and all u have to do is cast a jig, then on to bigger things
  6. Stripers on the Fly
    Does anyone know if I can target stripers in the section of the river between the old Bangor Dam and Veazie. I know that that is where most of the salmon are, so I want to make sure I won't get arrested if I fish for stripers from one of the samon clubs.
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey, I go to school at UMO and want to try my luck at some Penobscot stripers. I am originally from Buffalo, NY where I have been fly fishing for trout, steelhead, and salmon for about 10 yrs. I like fishing the big rivers and stripers look like a blast!
  8. Massachusetts
    I'm heading out right now to catch some macs. I might liveline them later on just to test the waters, will be back later to post.
  9. Massachusetts
    Hi Everybody, Will be spending the ca. 2 weeks visiting a friend in Franklin Me and wondered if anyone has some suggestions on places nearby to shore fish? Thought some places off rocks on Mt Desert Island might be worth a try and/or the east shore of the penobscott river? Also bait shops in...
1-9 of 9 Results