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  1. Canada
    Trout season opens this Friday. Bet there's going to be some Big cows caught.
  2. Canada
    Prince Edward Island Striper 6' Ultra-lite 8lb test....Battle Royale!!
  3. Canada
    I've been fishing a river here in PEI for 25 years and have never landed a striper on this river. My fishing buddy had landed 1 in 20 years. Last Friday and Saturday my buddy John landed 3 between 21" and 16". There has been stripers being landed and released every day for the past week. Very...
  4. Canada
    Trout season opens in two and a half sleeps. Aaron just purchased a 16' with a 30 HP four stroke Suzuki and I'm still wait for delievery on my E-tec. Will post some pics by end of week.
  5. Saltwater Species
    The trout season opens in Prince Edward Island in one month, April15/09. It's that first month that the salt water bays and rivers can be their most productive for Trophy sized Speckled-trout. The ice still has a firm grip on the Island, so we can just hope for some sign of spring. In one month...
  6. Massachusetts
    Well dudes PEI made the national News in Canada, even had the army on standby. I guess both Bob and Dick will have to keep their beepers on.Anyways the power shut off for 3 hours straight yesterday Island wide. But some people have been without power for 4 days and its going to be cool tonight...
1-6 of 6 Results