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  1. New Member Introductions
    BEST FISHING WISHES and GREETINGS to all members from Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca! Freshwater RIVER-BASS (warm-water black bass & cool-water stripers) and STREAM-TROUT (cold-water & Southern-fried) from flowing creeks and rivers are my preferred angling pursuits. Since 1965, I've...
  2. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Up for sale is a beautiful Les Paul style electric guitar made by Austin. This guitar plays very nicely and I've replaced the original humbuckers (which were pretty crappy) with top of the line Seymore Duncan pickups. The neck pickup is a mellow Seymore Duncan '59, and at the bridge position...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi y'all (spent a few decades South) - thanks for inviting me aboard! It is probably hard for some of you to believe how fortunate you are to be able to go striper fishing. For me, after growing-up watching my dad and his friends fish near the Niantic bridges, stripers are what it's all...
  4. The Sports Bar
    Ok Ok - kill me - I plunked down the $50 bucks for the payper view farce. The boxing purists cant stand this match. Floyd got 20 million for the match and promotion. Fans and members of the media complained loudly that Floyd took the sellout route for the money. I bet every last one of them...
  5. The Sports Bar
    Report: Yankees inquire about Indians' Byrd Visit for more analysis on this update. More...
  6. The Sports Bar
    Lo Duca seeking extension from Mets Visit for more analysis on this update. More...
  7. The Lounge
    You tube Tony vs. Paul This is very popular but On a scale of 1 to gay this is Elton John
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1-8 of 8 Results