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  1. Hudson River
    Fish Passage Improvements on the Hudson River Coming Soon By Sean McDermott, Northeast Regional Office Habitat Conservation Division Fisheries have long been an important resource on the Hudson River. Absent any manmade obstructions, migrating fish were historically able to ascend up to Glen...
  2. Ice Fishing Forum
    2012/2013 Ice season was my first season out. Biggest perch was 14', biggest bass was 17'. Only was able to make it out a handful of times but i caught enough fish to feel as if it was a decent season.
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Again based on my personal data and past years post in forum. Date of 1st Stripers taken in our section of river (Catskill north). 4/6/2006 4/14/2007 4/11/2008 4/15/2009 4/6/2010 WOW i just compared the Herring dates on the other post and all of the dates are the SAME day with the...
  4. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Yes, i am board and have Stripers on the brain :bluegrin: Just weeding through some old records and post read2.gif ... thought i might share this information i found for approx Herring arrival. Of course we all know who follows them up, RIGHT ?!?! This is for our Catskill North area ...
  5. Chesapeake Bay
    Past is Prologue / By Dr. Kent Mountford Surveyors mapped the Susquehanna Flats accurately before the end of the 18th century, but their charts and the historical record leave considerable uncertainty about the status of submerged aquatic vegetation beds during the early years of the United...
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Let me start by saying does this mean anything ? I really don't know but there are some patterens. Will this effect when i go fishing, absolutely NOT, i am going to get out there and chase them when ever i can during the run. I just log date, water temp, fish caught, and for herring i write...
  7. Hudson River
    Between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I scapped from the shore in Germantown for a total of EIGHT HOURS and only saw maybe six herring! They would follow the stoolie in up to a point, but they wouldn't come close to shore at all. The kicker is that I was using a live herring for a stoolie...
  8. Hudson River
    Does ne 1 here keep track of when they actually caught there first striper in previous years or dates of friends catching there first ones. Just want to c if there is ne consistency
  9. Massachusetts
    Tried my luck during this past few days of very warm temps. And all i got was a dang burn. Well I hope everyone else had better luck than I sure did. I think this warm snap shut the fishing down down here in SW RI. Anyone else have the same issue besides me?
  10. Boating Beginners
    last season there were many times that i ran into tons of bait fish on the move with the blues goin crazy. From what ive read you guys were saying that theres stripers underneath cleaning up. Im looking for the best ways and methods to get under there and hook a bass.
  11. Reference Library
    A blast from Angling's Past The first time tackle collector Bill Blauser saw a glass minnow tube, he thought it was one of the stupidest things ever invented. Created in the late 1800s, the clear lures were designed to hold a live minnow safely inside -- attracting bites from hungry fish while...
  12. Hudson River
    in cornwall, its been dead, nothin is hitting, jus perch, what happened to the stripers? sure they wil be hittin again soon, hopefully
  13. New Jersey
    Spent both mornings this weekend fishing the monmouth County beaches and waterways, Saturday was a washout, big brown water and windy, no fish found by myself or anyone else I saw. Got to see some of the flooding in Belmar, since I was in waders anyway, I took a stroll thru the water around the...
  14. The Sports Bar
    Heavy Weight Champs Of The Past 07 Feb 1882 07 Sep 1892 John Lawrence Sullivan Universal Sullivan was the first champion under Marquess of Queensberry rules, having defeated Paddy Ryan in a bare-knuckle fight in 1882 to win championship recognition. 07 Sep 1892 17 Mar 1897 James John...
1-14 of 14 Results