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  1. Rhode Island Fishing
    ... the cost just doubled. Effective immediately the resident increased from $50 th $100.00. Non-resident went from $100 to $200.00. State beach pass for the seasonal is expected to double also before the season starts... along with daily rates and state campground fees. Just so you're aware...
  2. Massachusetts
    1) DON'T leave your computer; the total time involved WILL TAKE LESS THAN ONE MINUTE! 2) If you are receiving this message from a friend please read "A MESSAGE TO MY FRIENDS" BELOW. 2 ) If you are already a member and have forwarded this message in the past please DO IT AGAIN. Forward...
  3. New Jersey
    Contact Your Local Legislator To Help Get This Bill Passed (s2334) The Bill Is A 50% Discount For Seniors At Island Beach State Park. This Bill Stopped In Committee Last Session. Thank You Dave 71
  4. New Jersey
    Have Your Legislator Support Bill S2334, Which Is A Bill For Seniors To Get A Discount On A Pass . Thank You Dave 71
  5. Massachusetts
    ill be off to the ditch this weekend...i know, .. along with the rest of the memorial day gameplan is to fish plugs and jigs son will man the chunk first trip out will be a good one no matter son will be with me ready to fish..he can hardly wait...i think...
  6. Plugs and Plug Building
    well i am still in th market for a descent lathe, i know a good deal will pop up at some point. in the meantime my cousin hooked me up with a coupple bucktails, jigs have been the time passer. i am working on a few hand carved plugs, when i am happy with my progress i will put up some pics. if...
  7. Massachusetts
    Snagged 3 Largies last night. One 4 pounder, a 2# and a 1#. Lost a fish on my damn buzzbait, shortstrikes! Even with a trailer hook, they fall off 5 feet in front of me. So aggravating! Thats when I switch to something with trebles, like a Torpedo or popper. Landed all three fish with the...
1-7 of 9 Results