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  1. The Striper Forum
    I have a charter scheduled out of virginia beach for Friday Feb 10th for stiper and tuna. I need two more people for the boat. It cost $160 per person. Let me know if you are interested. Ryan
  2. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Last year I purchased a time-share week in South Nags Head in hopes of establishing a yearly striper fishing week for myself and maybe some friends. The idea blew up in my face when friends made other plans or weren't interested. I have fished Oregon Inlet charters for years in May for tuna &...
  3. Chesapeake Bay
    New here just looking for people to go fishing with.. i love to fish hours on end and don't have any friends that can hang in there or have the motivation/patience to fish.. If you got a boat thats a plus if not oh well..
  4. The Striper Forum
    Hi everyone. I thought I'd start a new thread for this season for those that may be interested in split boat charters or joining those that have a boat to use. If there's already a post for this or I should post this elsewhere, please let me know. I'll start..... I'm new to the DC area and...
  5. Massachusetts
    Looking to see if anyone wants go fishing in SW RI this week. I will be available Monday thru Friday days untill at least 3 with the expection of tommorow. If anyone is interested PM me. I dont know if theres a forum for fishing partners. If there is you can move it. Thanks Mike Tight Lines
  6. Hunting / Game
    My hunting partner took a beauty yesterday afternoon. The deer was taken on a drive. The buck let the six does with him come out first before he popped out in the open. Someone forgot to tell the buck that doe season was over in Zone L. Don't give up on those mature whitetail bucks yet. They...
1-6 of 6 Results