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  1. Hudson River
    Greetings folks: can anyone let me know the status of the launch and the hours of operation at Schodack Island State Park? I realize the office and restrooms are closed. Would like to know if the gate is open or closed and at what times if anyone has any info would be appreciated. TIA
  2. Hudson River
    The big fishing dock was put in the water yesterday all the docks are now in, good fishing everybody.
  3. Hudson River
    Just drove past Henry Hudson Park the docks are all in and ready for use
  4. Hudson River
    Any idea if they allow overnight parking here? I have never launched from here before, but I am looking to possibly change things up a little this year. Also, I was wondering if they had a gate or anything. Basically I want to launch at the buttcrack of dawn.
  5. Hudson River
    Just got back from the river. The docks are all in. Good news Thanks town of Bethlehem workers.
  6. Hudson River
    Took a drive by the park today, sign out front stating camping would be available in April of 2016. Campsites are virtually done. If you have never been there it is on the east bank just below the Castleton bridge, off route 9J. Great launch. Herring usually pretty easy to jig. I live...
  7. New Hampshire
    Well, fished high tide at Hilton Park in Dover, NH. At this point, I'm writing this place off. Fished eels, clams and macks and NOTHING. Aside from no fish, the weather was perfect.
  8. New Hampshire
    Hey everyone, Fished Dover Point again this previous Friday, skunked again. At this point, I'm convinced there are no fish there. I fished a high/low rig on the ole' trusty surf rod, clam on the bottom, mack chunk on the top. I missed the high tide and ended up fishing low. Conditions were...
  9. New Hampshire
    Well, I packed up all my gear and made the long trip back to Hilton Park in Dover, NH. Fished from 09:00-12:00. I had two rigs out, chunk bait and clams, courtesy of Elm Street Bait & Tackle. I wish I had some good news, but struck out yet again. Perhaps Dover is still slow to see some...
  10. New Hampshire
    Hey everyone, Today, I decided on a whim to hit Hilton Park, in Dover, NH. Dunked some Herring chunks for a couple hours around 1-3pm. Skunked. Nothing but crabs or some other varmints picking at the chunks. So much for using a fishfinder rig to keep the bait off the bottom! Anyone else...
  11. Hudson River
    Out all day today, no takers. Trolling swimmers at 8 feet. I don't have an operational sonar right now though.
  12. Hudson River
    Good news the docks at Henry Hudson Park are in and ready to go. Just got back from there. Will be putting boat in a few days.:GreenBeret::GreenBeret::GreenBeret:
  13. Hudson River
    Putting ny boat in today. Hyde Park Marina is on River Point Rd. off Rt. 9 by Planet Fitness. (Not the one by the train station in the village.) The ramp area is under construction but you can still launch to get in to your slip.
  14. Hudson River
    Yesterday my fiance and I took a lil trip up the hudson and we drove through Croton Point Park and was wondering if anybody has had success fishing there. We were thiking of doing a bbq there with friends and I was gonna spend the day fishing. Any input on the park would be appreciated along if...
  15. Hudson River
    help how is the striper fishing from shore thanks
  16. Hudson River
    Has anybody camped there during the striper season? Is it legal? Is the water too high? I know ya gotta deal with the tide, and my boat leaks. Any advice?
  17. Hudson River
    Anyone fish this spot before? Just moved here over the summer, just finally had to get a chance to get my gear from back home. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.
  18. Maine
    Anyone know if we can launch our kayaks from there at 5am and return after 8pm? Is there a drop box there for payment?
  19. Connecticut
    Looking to take my 8yr old Nephew down there. Not to spot burn!!!!!!!! Dad was working in RI and has to go over to finish a job. I'm briniging the LilGuy down Sat. 19th. So what can the lil guy catch off the beach? Bait? Lures?. I've never fished here. So could use a little HELP!! I just want...
  20. New Jersey
    Hey guys, I was thinking of hitting up the surf from island beach this weekend. Any reports around? I heard it's been hit and miss. It'll be a 7 hour trip for us, but it'll be nice to be on the beach again. -R
1-20 of 83 Results