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  1. The Striper Forum
    I can never seem to anchor my 18' trophy on the oyster bars in the middle Chesapeake, does anyone have anysuggestions on what kind of anchor I should use?
  2. Chesapeake Bay
    VA, MD working to reduce hurdles to oyster aquaculture Virginia Senate tries to protect shellfish operations under Right to Farm Act while Maryland agreement with feds will reduce time to secure permits By Rona Kobell Maryland, Virginia and the federal government are taking steps to expand...
  3. Images and Pictures
    Here are some photos of an old oyster boat that is still in service for the Tallmadge/Bloom Brothers Shellfish Company in Norwalk and Bridgeport CT. I met up with the Columbia near Bridgeport Harbor. :cheers:
  4. New York
    hey I don't live in the area and me and my buddy have been fishing hard from the shore with limited results, a few blues only, i know it is bad form to ask for specific spots, but could anyone give me some info on the general shore area, what's working, how the fishing is, fish to target, baits...
  5. Massachusetts
    What a great weekend it was to be on the Great Bay. Caught a couple lobster in my traps and 5 striped bass using tom cod and eels, biggest 25". The biggest adventure though was riding out the thunderstorm Saturday afternoon. The storm came from my home port direction. There was no running into...
  6. New York
    Oyster Creek has produced flounder and a surprising number of stripers. The bass were probably there all winter in that warm water. They're getting them now on worms, clams, bucktails and swimming plugs. There was a 21-pounder caught there the other day on a white shad.
  7. The Striper Forum
    To participate or for more information please contact: Debbie Dalton, Oyster Program Manager, NY/NJ Baykeeper, (732) 888-9870 Andrew Willner, Executive Director, NY/NJ Baykeeper, (732) 888-9870 This weekend NY/NJ Baykeeper will host a workshop to train volunteers in the New York area to raise...
  8. Massachusetts
    went out this morning again in water by 5 15 am . fished around the areas mentioned above . was pretty good saw alot of action early . fish were hungry. using nothing but eels. was marking alot of fish on the fish finder caught 7 .my friend caught 5 i caught 2 but lost one right by boat. could...
1-8 of 8 Results