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  1. Massachusetts
    Wind S/E @ 20-25 / wave hight 3'/ Water temp. 53 /Barometer 30.10 and dropping High tide around 9:00 Fishing from a boat. Fishing the beach wasnt an option,the river has gone cold at high tide,unless, you like small school bass,I chased a couple of pods of fish under bait with a surface...
  2. Massachusetts
    Ok seeing as the Majority wants the reports, I'll post... Water temp Hight tide average 61 Barometer 30.00 and steady Air temp 75 Winds E/SE @ 10 First off congratulations to Jonny bolt on the capture (and release) of his personal best striper 35.5 LBS... I posted the wrong pic in the...
1-2 of 2 Results