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  1. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    Ever since I've been little I've been fishing here, and I didn't really keep up with the season this year. But I went out today to test the waters out...and nothing at check #12! I remember the good ol' day's where there is like 20 people lined up against the fence line. Now it seems there isn't...
  2. The Gallows - Poachers Hall of Shame
    The fishing at the Forebay is a mere speck of what it used to be. The primary reason is due to over harvesting. There's LOTS of people that fish there for food. Heck I keep one or two from time to time as well. Bottom line is that most people don't want to stick their neck out and expose...
  3. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    I have been fishing the Oneill Forbay for nearly ten years. I am here to give tips and help you become the ultimate striper fresh-water angler - just as long as you are not a poacher. I hate poachers and I can smell them a mile away. If I answer your questions with questions of my own - do...
  4. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    Hi there Everyone :icon_thelmutsalute: Just wondering if it's worth the 3+ hour drive this time of Year? Any and All help would be appreciated.. Thank You in Advance Mike
1-4 of 4 Results