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  1. Delaware River
    Notice Delaware river charter captains What's up with posting pics of ilegal bass on your page? I'm not going to call out any names but those 2 bass that were "plugged" are deff not in the 20"-26" range well above that size! Please if you read these threads take down the pics. The balls of...
  2. New York
    Notice to N.Y. party/charter boat owners From the desk of Sen. Lee Zeldin: "As you may be aware, I secured a big victory in this year’s state budget by including a two year moratorium on the Saltwater Fishing License Fee as part of the Environmental Conservation budget bill. This moratorium...
  3. Hudson River
    9 WEEKS AWAY !!!! :yay: :yay: :yay: For us up river boys that is.
  4. Massachusetts
    Ever notice that on the days that you just HAVE to be at work, the weather turns to perfect fishing weather? It's flat as glass in Vineyard Sound (looking out my office window) and on Buzzards Bay. crybaby2.gif
1-4 of 7 Results