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  1. Hudson River
    Anybody know if Norrie is open yet? I called the other day and left a message but haven't heard back.
  2. Hudson River
    Just wondering if the fish are still biting and if anyone is still fishing. Thinking about giving it one more try. We fished 2 years ago on June 7th and caught almost 20 fish. There weren't any big ones but we about had the whole river to ourselves and it was fuuuuuuuuuuun !!
  3. Hudson River
    Anyone know if the guy is selling bait at norrie point this year?
  4. Hudson River
    Any good news from norrie.
  5. Hudson River
    Does anyone know if the guy has started going to norrie point yet to sell bait?
  6. Hudson River
    If I was to camp at Norrie with my family traveling by car, would it be possible for my buddy with a boat to stop by and visit or at least pick me up to go fishing? Can you get a slip for the day or temporarily dock? Also, is it worth bringing my kayak there? I have no interest in dodging 5-foot...
  7. Hudson River
    Wondering how the action is out of Norrie as of today the 2nd ????
  8. Hudson River
    1st day out caught 4 trolling bombers, all small, against the rip, was fun on light tackle though.
  9. Hudson River
    Any thing happening .
  10. Hudson River
    Any body fish off norrie last year. I never made it down there .The fish were in pretty good up by me early may.
  11. Hudson River
    What is going on down at norrie.Angler j must not be fishing or he is keeping everything a secret.
  12. Hudson River
    Has anyone been fishing norrie .Plan to fish there this weekend ,hope to find a spot in the line.
  13. Hudson River
    Norrie is still a great spot .Caught a nice 38" fish off the light house.The fish were deep between 25 - 40 ft.Trolled the west shore of the green can nothing but weeds.Marked fish everywhere but no takers.Lost my best lure to the river GODS.Going to gander than going fishing tomorrow. headbang.gif
  14. Hudson River
    Sucked it up and went out at first light today until about noon. Got skunked until we switched to trolling using rapalas. Hit 3 nice fish all legal south of the Esopus Lighthouse although not in the usual west bound trolling lane. Would have stayed longer but the wifes were calling. Marked a...
1-14 of 14 Results