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  1. Arkansas
    Norfork Lake Mid-March brings the peak of the walleye spawn to the upper end of Norfork Lake, but at the lower end of the lake, the walleye spawn peaks a few days later along rocky points. Early in the year, most walleye are caught on lures that imitate baitfish. After the spawn, you can catch...
  2. Arkansas LNSC schedules striper program The Lake Norfork Striper Club will host the fourth annual Lake Norfork Striper Stocking Awareness program at 7 p.m. March 2 at East Side Baptist Church in Mountain Home. Mike Freeze, head commissioner for the Arkansas Game and Fish...
  3. Arkansas
    AGFC stocks hybrid stripers Norfork Lake has just received its first of many fish stockings of 2006. A few weeks ago the lake received an unexpected stocking of adult blue catfish which had entered a damaged net pen at the Pot Shoals Net Pen Facility on Bull Shoals. Rather than releasing them...
  4. Arkansas
    hello.gif Hi, everyone. I am new to the area and have never fished for stripers on Norfork. I was hopeful that some local striper types would head me in the right direction as to best line weights for use in such clear water. Paparock
  5. Arkansas
    Lake Norfork Arkansas located in Northern Arkansas offers some great striper fishing. Our stripers average 12 to 14 lbs with many in the 20's and 30 lb class. I am a full time guide and would be glad to show you our wonderful lake.
  6. Arkansas
    ? NORFORK: 74 degrees, clear, 13 feet high. Outlook: Tracy Marina reports: smallmouth bass good on blue and silver Rat-L-Traps in 10 to 40 feet of water in the tree tops; catfish good on prepared baits; stripers good on live shad, gray Road Runners on the main lake.
1-6 of 6 Results