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  1. Hudson River
    Due to the 'Rona, some of my usual plans for the season have changed. I was wondering if anyone knew of any all-night launches near Kingston/Saugerties or Coxsackie/Athens. Sleightsburgh is now day use only and I am not sure I can get into Norrie Point. Looking to take my son camping this...
  2. Hudson River
    This is a short rant because of events last night on the water... I fished until 830pm and started heading back to the launch. while underway i just barely made out 4 boats with no nav lights whatsoever. It appeared that they were still actively fishing so they should have at least had the...
  3. Hudson River
    So this year I thought I might try to fish at night. I have a small boat without radar....Navionics app on my phone as a chart plotter (pretty accurate). Besides a spotlight to locate landmarks, are there any other ways to make it safer? I usually fish north of the Albany port so ship traffic is...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Hello all, This might come off as shameless advertising but I can guarantee you this is original content and relevant. I have many more trips / videos planned for the summer. I hope you guys enjoy! Not sure how to embed the video. Sorry =( Everything was released and returned alive. This...
  5. Massachusetts
    ...they show up heavy in the Flats of the mighty Merrimack...I hope. Will be out floating chunks and casting plastics till about slack at 2am ish.
  6. Hudson River
    Where I fish I have never caught a Striper at night. I'll get there 3am and won't get a bite til the sun comes up. Same thing with evening. Never caught one after the sun goes down. It's approx 15-18ft deep and pretty rocky. Anybody hit them good from shore in the dark? What depth? Bottom...
  7. The Striper Forum
    Hey Guys open forum, what do you prefer for night fishing bait for the summer time?
  8. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    With a new work schedule and a new baby it looks like I will be doing more night fishing this year. I tried once last year and came up empty. Where do you guys like to set up? shallow or deep? I was thinking of fishing shallow flats on the high tide with live herring. Thoughts? I have great luck...
  9. Massachusetts
    Had a great night on the flats. Bass seemed holed up in one area, once we zeroed in we put six nice fish on the boat. No 40#er yet but great fishing!
  10. Massachusetts
    I use artificials as much as possible, but almost never catch anything pre-sunrise or post sunset, which just doesnt make sense to me. I have given it a ton of time, fished darks (as recommended) and lights, slow, fast, erratic. Those that use artificials at night, what would you throw in these...
  11. The Striper Forum
    I am an avid nighttime fisherman and I was wondering what type of lures work well in the evening. I enjoy top water poppers, just not sure if they are effective at night. Please help!!!
  12. Boaters Forum
    Tub of chicken liver, my rod, my boat, the river.ETD 0030 Debriefing On Arrival back to FOB Fox Trot Eco Out
  13. Massachusetts
    I have a wooden 18ft square stern canoe with a 10hp motor and was wondering if I could hit Joppa at night with no navigation. I know a lot of kayakers do it but would this be an option?
  14. Striper Guides & Charters
    We will begin our summer Worming trips starting 7/22 for Stripers. These trips run from 6 p.m. To Midnight and will be available on Wed,Fri,Sat & Sun Nights only. These trips will be available as charters open boats will apply to these trips Cost is 625.00 upto 5 people. Call my cell...
  15. Surfcasting Central
    I am looking for some spots tonight where i can go fishing at night from Huntington to cedar beach, any good spots without paying to get in with special permits?
  16. The Striper Forum
    Heading out tomorrow night and I wanna troll the slack. It's a full moon so I'm thinking a holographic but I'm new to trolling and never trolled at night so I'm reaching out to you all for some advice. thanks in advance, joe
  17. Maine
    Went out the other night, fished the outgoing, and got into the fish, the bite was not one after the other, but steady enough to keep me interested. Some poor cell phone pics of a few of the fish.
  18. Hudson River
    Anyone do overnight fishing ?? If so any Times better than others
  19. Hudson River
    Going to try some night fishing this week, I have done this once before with no luck. We will have plenty of fresh herring before the sun sets so bait is not a problem. If its going to be high tide going to low should i fish shallow or deep? Seems to me like shallow maybe even real shallow may...
  20. Striper Guides & Charters
    So far this September has been an exact repeat of the September of 2010. A year ago last night I had a crew from Missouri catch 30-40 keeper striped bass with the largest tipping the scales at 37.5 pounds. These were by far the biggest bass of their lives, and according to them, the best...
1-20 of 151 Results