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  1. Hudson River
    Thinking of heading up to Newburgh next week still catching any there .?
  2. Hudson River
    Heading out to Newburgh Friday morning to try and beat the rain. Lookin forward to this weekend, should heat up.
  3. Hudson River
    I saw this on Newburgh's website this morning. "Launching is allowed from 8:00am to 8:00pm" this looks new to me from last year. Will it be enforced? I am always there well before daylight during the season...
  4. Hudson River
    Thinking of heading toward Newburgh Sunday for a last ditch effort to get a fish. Eyeing Donahue Memorial Park for a day of shore fishing. Is this a decent place? Or might we be better off setting up somewhere else? Sorry, this is my first season and not super familiar with the area's...
  5. Hudson River
    Ward's Bait in Newburgh is closing down and has 50% off everything....fantastic deals and the place is loaded. Kendall Ward passed last year from esophageal cancer and his son is liquidating as the rent is too high to keep the place going. He is not always there so call. 1-845-518-4274...
  6. Hudson River
    Any shore fishermen want to go out with me and fish Newburgh tomorrow? Getting a *very* late start to the season due to work/vacation, but I'm putting my boat (17' center console) into West Shore marina in Marlboro tomorrow, and my 15 year old son is ditching me to go to a party. Anyone...
  7. Hudson River
    I haven't seen many posts about Newburgh. Has anyone had much luck there yet this year?
  8. Hudson River
    Slow day managed a couple small ones and a nice one 32 inches Seen a couple other boats catch but a lot with the skunk..... PS,,,,,, this is what it looks like when the coast guard boards your boat....
  9. Hudson River
    Drifting bloods slow start but ended well.
  10. Hudson River
    Just heard vehicles were ticketed in parking lot for no launching permit, no attendent was on scene. Need to go to town hall for permits? Anybody confirm this?
  11. Hudson River
    Anyone have any recomendations as where to stay overnight near Newburgh. I need a place to stay where I can park my boat also. Looking to do some striper fishing but I would like to stay overnight somewhere close or within 30 min. from Newburgh.
  12. Hudson River
    I usually fish Kingston but would like to give the Newburgh area a try. I travel 84 E to get there and would like to locate a bait and tackle shop supplying worms and herring near the boat ramp. Does anyone know of a bait and tackle supply nearby?
  13. Hudson River
    Does anyone know how much it is to launch last year it was $8 . Thanks
  14. Hudson River
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. My buddy and I have been drifting bloods in the newburgh area north and south of the beacon bridge for about three years. It has been very fun in mid may getting anywhere from 30-50 fish in the boat. None of which have been over the 25# mark. I read and see...
  15. Hudson River
    First day on the river, water temp is 52', no bites yet and not marking anything.
  16. Hudson River
    I have a chance to go out boating and fishing tomorrow. Is it still worth Striper fishing in either the kingston and / or Newburgh area? If so any suggestions on spots in general (feel free to private message me) or what to use for bait?
  17. Hudson River
    Fished all day Friday and Saturday in Newburgh with nothing to show. Had a few hits on bloods without hookups, probably either schoolies or cats. Every boat we talked to except one had no luck and we talked to a lot of boats! We just kept waiting for the fish to turn on and they never did...
  18. Kayaking Stripers
    On the weekends I'm going out of Newbergh NY if anyone wants to tag along.
  19. Hudson River
    Anybody see any Stripers in the area north of Newburgh- like around the powerplant area?
  20. Hudson River
    Sorry for the crappy pic quality, was taken from my cell phone. Fish was caught on bloodworms at about 5pm on 4/03/10. Hope it's gonna be a great year.
1-20 of 33 Results