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  1. Massachusetts
    I had my first surf fishing experience on the Cape's beaches this week. I fish the Hudson River run every spring and then forget about the bass till next spring. Glad I packed the rod and reel on this family trip. In two mornings I landed 6 stripers and 4 blues. The bass were small all 5-8...
  2. Massachusetts
    I plan on getting out on Nauset over the next couple of weeks for some surfcasting. I have been playing around the last couple of years for stripers without much success. Is anyone familar with the Oversand permit area at Nauset? Any suggestions on technique or areas?
  3. Massachusetts
    Hi guys, headed out to the outer beach in Orleans/Nauset tomorrow and was looking a little advice. Normally don't fish out that way, anyone have any good info? Eels and clams maybe? Fishing from the beach. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results