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  1. Massachusetts
    Hello all, I am from Milford, CT and am coming to Nantucket tomorrow (sept 9) and will be staying through Sunday. I am looking for some hot local action, I have all my own gear and waders but no car on the island. I solemnly swear not to spot burn, or reveal in any way any spots someone would...
  2. Massachusetts
    Hey guys, I know everyone works hard for their spots and I certainly appreciate that, but I will be heading over to Nantucket 10/22-10/24. Was wondering if anyone would be over there that weekend that I could potentially hook up with to fish. I have my own gear and could certainly meet you on...
  3. Massachusetts
    Hi, Im going to be heading out to the east coast in 2011 to fish for stripers! Im from California, and it has always been a dream of mine to be able to experience fishing the surf around nantucket or cape cod. not really sure where to even head to. not expecting anyone to give out their honey...
  4. Massachusetts
    I am a beginner fisherman and am going Striper fishing from a boat this week (5-20-09). I have a lot to learn but want to ask a few questions to give me the best chance for my upcoming trip: 1) Tides - I have been told to fish when the tides are moving (top of the high and bottom of the low)...
  5. Massachusetts
    I usually go to Nantucket in the summer and I know the fishing is good then, but I am heding out in two weeks and a friend from the Cape asked if I'd be doing any winter surfcasting there. Up here in Maine it would be a fruitless endeavor except to be outside...anyone know if there is any use...
  6. Massachusetts
    Anyone have new reports of striper locations in and around Nantucket? I'm mainly interested in surf casting areas. Thanks...
  7. Massachusetts
    My wife and I are heading to Nantucket for the weekend. Any fish up that way yet? I know we have plenty down here in CT. Any suggestions on spots to hit from shore with a fly rod? Thanks, Gil
  8. Massachusetts
    Charter Boat( Lisa Marie) caught Mahi Mahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish 75 miles off shore. Sept. 2006. PLEASE say it's TRUE. I was in Hawaii earlier this year and had an AWESOME trip catching Mahi Mahi. Are they that close to home? If so. When are they around?
  9. Massachusetts
    Going to head out to the shoals, mainly off Popponesett area. Was thinking about tubing and worming, any advice, my first day out there this year. Thanks!
  10. The Striper Forum
    I have been hearing that right outside natucket boat basin is a great place to catch some nice this just a rumor or are their really a bounty of stripers there? Thanks for the reply
1-10 of 10 Results